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Fire bowl - Cooking plate - Grill - Campfire - Heat accumulator - Table bar

feuerei mit Flammen - die etwas andere Feuerschale

10 years of research have gone into the fireworks developed by master stove fitter Kurt Gellner. The development of a special refractory concrete and the design of the combustion chamber ensure durability and clean combustion.

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  • 5 cm of sturdy refractory concrete
  • Metal parts crude steel/stainless steel
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Diameter: 59 cm (68 cm lid/table)
  • Height: 54 cm or 90 cm
  • Weight: approx. 70 kg
  • Bespoke combinations
  • Set prices from €1300
feuerei mit Kochaufsatz
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Time to burn!
Al fresco!
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The slightly different fire bowl

The feuerei is a fire pit, hob and table top in one. While the fire blazes within, the massive refractory concrete egg retains cosy radiating heat – and it’s weather resistant.

Use it as a fire pit, hob or barbecue grill. From lava stone to barbecue grill to a pan or a wok, everything is available for the feuerei.

The feuerei is a unique piece of exclusivity, lifestyle and culinary delights for the garden and terrace.
feuerei Starter Set


feuerei with base (tall), lid (stainless steel)
Price €1354,-

feuerei Möglichkeiten
feuerei Möglichkeiten



feuerei with base (tall), ring set (fire steel), lid (stainless steel)
starting at €1860,-

feuerei with base (tall), ring set (stainless steel), cooking set, BBQ set, lid (stainless steel)


Own composition, artistic design, special materials – everything is possible.
Price according to combination.

Individual components

feuerei height 50 cm, Ø 59 cm,
Storage mass approx. 60 kg €845

Cooking insert Ø49cm €212
Grill insert Ø48cm €320
Barbecue grill 8 mm crude steel €248
Hot stone Ø33cm €210
Wok made of iron Ø36cm €65
Iron pan small Ø17cm €53
Forged iron pan Ø36cm €150
Complete ring set (3 rings) fire steel €398
stainless steel €630
Cover/table top (stainless steel) Ø68cm €373
Table foot (low) 12,5cm €98, (high) 50cm €300

All prices in Euro inclusive 20% VAT, excludes shipping

the Feuerstelle

As with all my fireplaces, you can cook, grill, roast, braise, warm, talk and chill on and around this large fire bowl in a variety of ways.
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FAQs zum feuerei

Fire bowl - Cooking area - Grill - Campfire - Heat accumulator - Table bar

Everything you need to know about the FeuerEi.

It looks just like concrete but has other components. Refractory concrete must withstand temperature of several hundreds of degrees, traditional concrete would crumble into several pieces at the first heating. This refractory concrete was developed for the feuerei to be able to withstand the heat and stresses created in the feuerei. The special composition was developed in years of test series to be able to construct a stable fire pit body.

The combustion chamber is designed to guarantee even and clean burning of the firewood without additional air regulation. The combustion chamber is round and not too deep so no air supply from below is necessary and the fire can burn sheltered from the wind. This prevents dangerous flying sparks.

The FeuerEi is heated by firewood, ideally 3-6 cm thick and 25 cm long. It is lit by using thin, dry softwood chips or firelighters. Warning: Flammable liquids, such as petrol, must never be used as firelighters (Danger of explosion!). (There are also methylated spirits but we’ll leave that unmentioned)

Once the fire is burning, firewood can be added as required. However, as the FeuerEi absorbs the heat extremely due to the massive refractory concrete body and also reflects it inwardly, the FeuerEi is a very economical fire pit. It should not be necessary to add more than 3-4 kg of wood per hour.
Warning: Coal is totally unsuitable as a fuel for the FeuerEi, as coal requires another type of air supply and would only burn quite poorly and incompletely. Exception: The special BBQ charcoal basket is available as an accessory for the barbecue set.

As is the case for every kind of kindling, the wood first and foremost has to be dry. The pieces of wood should be approximately 3-6 cm thick and 25 cm long.
Hardwood burns quietly and evenly and doesn’t create any flying sparks. For those who enjoy the crackling sounds use softwood but expect a bit of flying sparks.

With the rain and snow lid.
The FeuerEi materials are basically weather resistant but not frost-proof if there is water in the feuerei. In the summer the feuerei should also not be permanently exposed to moisture. If it gets wet clear out the wet ashes with a round vessel (a masonry pan, for example) and allow the feuerei to air dry. The rain lid can also be supported on a few small pebbles so the air can circulate. Heat it up somewhat more carefully at the next firing.

The ashes from up to 10 heating processes can remain in the FeuerEi – thereafter they can be easily removed with the suitable device (e.g. a masonry pan).

The ashes should not be higher than approx. 15 cm.

The FeuerEi weighs approx. 60 kg (75 kg with steel parts) and is best transported with a hand truck. The concrete structure can be supported on the hand truck with a lashing strap for stability.

The cooking set is available as an accessory and is required for cooking. This has approx. 15 cm openings, through which firewood can be easily added to the embers. The maximum dimensions of the pot/pan may not exceed 40 cm in diameter, in order to not disrupt the air supply to the fire.

The charcoal basket along with the barbecue grid are available as accessories and must be used for barbecuing. Charcoal may by no means be used in the FeuerEi without the charcoal basket, due to the high combustion temperatures. The FeuerEi could be damaged.

Due to the high weight and the construction of the FeuerEi, the concrete structure absorbs a high percentage of heat from the fire. This heat is evenly distributed and slowly emitted as radiant heat. It is also possible to stay quite close to the FeuerEi without being exposed to uncomfortable heat. The heat is more all-around, hence evenly distributed in all directions. There is an area of cosy heat around the FeuerEi, similar to being near a tiled stove.

This effect is even more lasting if you no longer burn (no more flames) and cover the embers with the 8 mm thick (stainless) steel ring accessory.

The 2.5 cm small hole in the centre can allow any gases to escape. The rain lid can also be used in the event of unexpected rain.

As the fire is safely enclosed, the FeuerEi can be placed on any stable surface, whether stone, wood or other bases.

No. The FeuerEi is exclusively suitable for outdoor use.
(Warning: Open fires indoors can lead to severe flue gas poisoning!)

I am looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to advise you personally!

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